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A wide range of wafer baking ovens with successor product line, which bake for instance up to 20,000 cones per hour, are built for the bakery industry. Special carousels are built to mould wafers into cups, or to press wafers. Another key area is cutting machinery for various applications like for instance for cordon bleu, schnitzel, currywurst, chicken chips, cheese, wafers. For the meat industry cooking lines are built, e.g. grill markers, infra-red ovens, hot air tunnels and subsequent cooking tunnels. These lines can cook up to 2 tonnes of meat balls, schnitzels or other products per hour.

In the area of handling systems, diverse systems are built, e.g. wire belt straps, curve conveyor belts, screw conveyors, etc. Metal detectors are very often integrated in the conveyor lines. Assembly systems are built for the plastics processing industry, for instance to automatically supply and assemble moulded parts. In addition, assemblies, tools and machines for film manufacturers are produced. We also provide the switch cabinets, controls, etc. for the individual machines.